Management Policy

The value of products, as reflected in their quality and functions, depends largely on the embedded software.

Engineers must continually broaden the scope of their skills since product features continue to expanded widely and rapidly.
This has caused serious shortages of engineers who can manage projects and find the best product solutions.

In addition, the product development process has become borderless.
These days, more and more software is developed overseas in countries like China and India.
This requires Japanese engineers to display a high-level of performance in creating new products.

Given this situation in Japan, Technoforce makes an even greater effort to releasing excellent products providing consistent development services from start to finish.
Our services include "Embedded software development", "Product planning", "Digital circuit design and verification" and "Product development".

Furthermore, we support our customers' product development process. Often, overseas device suppliers don't fully understand the needs and desires of the Japanese market. We provide that knowledge.

Technoforce maintains consistent services with the aim of developing excellent devices that will make customers take notice of just how good the products are.


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